Notizie su trasporti marittimi e aerei

2023-09-29Peak season already over' as ocean freight rates collapse further
2023-09-29Dal 1 ottobre entra in vigore Cbam, il nuovo dazio doganale ambientale
2023-09-29150,000 empty containers stranded in Russia as trade imbalance grows
2023-09-29CMA CGM orders another eight methanol-fuelled containerships
2023-09-29Xeneta: A turning point for the ocean freight industry? Data reveals first rise in long-term ocean freight rates in a year
2023-09-27China debuts new container size
2023-09-26Le dieci aree calde per il trasporto marittimo di container
2023-09-26ZIM launches direct service between Savannah and WCSA
2023-09-26CMA CGM revises low water surcharge in Brazil
2023-09-25New container service connects Europe with South America
2023-09-25Trouble ahead: Container shipping rates sinking further into the red
2023-09-25Drewry: World Container Index Down By 5.2% This Week
2023-09-25Noli container Cina – Italia ancora in picchiata: spedizioni sotto i 1.600 dollari
2023-09-25Seconda portacontainer nella flotta d’Ignazio Messina
2023-09-25Maersk and Hapag-Lloyd offer their guides to 2024 ETS surcharges
2023-09-25Mexico-US trade flows checked as borders become pressure points
2023-09-22Little hope of 2024 upturn in box shipping trades, says Yang Ming
2023-09-22Crime gang used containers to smuggle stolen cars to West Africa
2023-09-22Calano a doppia cifra i noli container tra Cina ed Europa
2023-09-22Hapag-Lloyd to roll out Starlink across entire fleet
2023-09-20CMA CGM and Maersk enter into decarbonisation partnership
2023-09-20CMA CGM implements new peak season surcharge in Carribean
2023-09-20European Union (EU) Emissions Trading System (ETS) effective from 1 January 2024
2023-09-20Maritime industry explores nuclear power for ships as technology opens up
2023-09-19Sprofondano ancora i noli container: sotto i 1.700 dollari quelli Cina – Italia
2023-09-19L’eurofollia green sull’Ets: una minaccia per i porti italiani L’Europa impone una nuova tassa al trasporto marittimo: e a farne le spese sarà il porto di Gioia Tauro
2023-09-19La tassa europea sulle emissioni delle navi rischia di far chiudere il porto di Gioia Tauro
2023-09-19Europe's new green madness: Reducing emissions from the shipping sector
2023-09-18MABUX global prices continue to grow
2023-09-18Drewry: World Container Index Down 7.1% This Week
2023-09-18Maersk launches new weekly ocean-rail service
2023-09-18Italia al quinto posto mondiale per livello di connessioni marittime container
2023-09-18Noli marittimi dei container giù del 7% a metà settembre 2023
2023-09-15Container lines add blank sailings to match supply with lower demand in Golden Week
2023-09-15Back haul rates to China hit negative territory
2023-09-15Amazon, Patagonia, Ikea & Co. lanciano un tender per il trasporto via mare a zero emissioni di 600mila Teu
2023-09-15Si annuncia un ottobre nero per l’aumento delle ‘partenze in bianco’ sulle rotte container
2023-09-15Carriers struggle as they pull capacity to boost floundering spot rates
2023-09-14Maersk launches 'a new age' with the first green methanol ship
2023-09-14Record blanking as supply races ahead of demand in container shipping
2023-09-12More blanked sailings expected in October
2023-09-12Global MABUX fuel indices follow upward trend
2023-09-11Nuova rotta container tra l’Adriatico e il Medio Oriente
2023-09-11Combative MSC says shippers must look forward
2023-09-11Drewry: World Container Index Down 3.4% This Week
2023-09-11Global container freight still stalled
2023-09-08MSC and ZIM sign new operational collaboration agreement
2023-09-08CMA CGM updates global FAK rates
2023-09-07As deepsea rates dive, carriers hunt for intra-Europe shortsea returns
2023-09-07CMA CGM halts Mediterranean service as rates sink
2023-09-07MSC applies new FAK rates from UAE to Europe
2023-09-07No bottom in sight for free-falling trans-Atlantic rates
2023-09-07CMA CGM implements congestion surcharges in Benin and Senegal
2023-09-05Changing fortunes appear imminent in container market - Xeneta
2023-09-05Noli container in discesa anche alla fine di agosto
2023-09-05Bleak outlook for box trades as demand weakens prior to Golden Week
2023-09-05Ancora in calo ad agosto i livelli dei contratti di trasporto container (-7,8%)
2023-09-05Msc battezza a Trieste la portacontainer Nicola Mastro
2023-09-01Xeneta: Long-term ocean freight rates plunge by more than 60% in year of decline, but changing fortunes appear imminent
2023-09-01Boom time 'just a memory' as rates tumble before Golden Week holiday
2023-08-31Sea-Intelligence analysis: Shortage of blanks in Golden week
2023-08-31CMA CGM applies new PCS in Mersin
2023-08-31COSCO SHIPPING launches “Talent Athena” door-to-door service from China to Greece and neighbouring countries
2023-08-31Xeneta: Long-Term Ocean Freight Rates Plunge
2023-08-30Sea-Intelligence reports schedule reliability stable at 64.2%
2023-08-30La collaborazione tra MSC e ZIM si estende anche al Mediterraneo
2023-08-30Hapag-Lloyd excluded from second round of HMM bid process
2023-08-30MSC continues to surpass Maersk amid schedule reliability stability
2023-08-29Peak Season is not expected to increase shipment volumes this year
2023-08-28Asia-North Europe rates sinking again as GRIs 'run out of steam'
2023-08-28CMA CGM applies new FAK rates from Med to US East Coast & US Gulf
2023-08-28Xeneta: noli container al minimo, un’occasione per i caricatori
2023-08-25CMA CGM announces fumigation requirements to Australia and New Zealand
2023-08-25Latest data is ‘a wake-up call’ for shippers, as Xeneta argues now is the time to negotiate long-term rates
2023-08-25CMA CGM implements congestion surcharges in Turkish port
2023-08-25In arrivo le prime due navi ‘full container’ per il gruppo Messina
2023-08-25La chiusura dello Stretto dei Dardanelli blocca centinaia di navi
2023-08-25Q2 2023 Carrier Gross Earnings Down by 90% to US$3.2 Billion
2023-08-24Dardanelles shipping suspended as Turkey battles wildfire
2023-08-24ZIM si ritira dall’Australia
2023-08-24Medkon Lines ‘avvicina’ Taranto alla Turchia
2023-08-24Xeneta: Ocean Freight Rates May Have Started Bottoming Out
2023-08-24Spot rate gains puts pressure on shippers delaying Asia-Europe contracts: Xeneta
2023-08-23Drewry: “Meglio attendere ancora per il rinnovo dei contratti container”
2023-08-23Oltre 200 navi in coda per attraversare Panama
2023-08-22CMA CGM adds Rio de Janeiro direct call on service from Mediterranean
2023-08-22Xeneta tips rates falls to continue
2023-08-22I blank sailing nelle linee container sono destinati a proseguire
2023-08-22China’s export container shipping price index down in July
2023-08-22Evergreen opens Kaohsiung Port’s first automated container terminal
2023-08-22More blanked voyages and a 'newbuild elephant' approaching the room
2023-08-22Hapag-Lloyd emerges as potential HMM bidder
2023-08-22Container Market Sentiment Signals Rebound: A ‘Shipper’s Market’ this Peak Season
2023-08-22Aumentano ad agosto i noli container Asia-Europa
2023-08-22ONE supera Evergreen, ecco la classifica aggiornata del trasporto container
2023-07-25From ChatGPT to machine-generated art, AI is everywhere. How can it optimise the maritime industry?
2023-07-25Nuclear box ships – faster and cleaner – would disrupt liner industry
2023-07-25ONE unveils new loop connecting Adriatic, Israel, Egypt and Greece
2023-07-24Kalypso rinnova la flotta in Cina e testa un nuovo porto in Italia
2023-07-24Container volumes down 8% at Port of Rotterdam as Russia and Asia cargo falls
2023-07-24COSCO Shipping connects Europe and South America with new weekly service
2023-07-21CMA CGM could displace Maersk as second-largest container line
2023-07-21State of the Ocean Freight Market | Is the peak season glass half full or half empty?
2023-07-21Good news, and bad news, on the freight rate front for carriers
2023-07-18Ocean Freight Rates for Q2, 2023 end on a multi-year low
2023-07-18Carriers doing more for less, as lower freight rates take their toll
2023-07-18Evergreen prepara il sorpasso su Hapag-Lloyd
2023-07-18ONE launches weekly service to connect Europe and South America
2023-07-18Maersk increases rates from Far East to Med ports
2023-07-18Hapag-Lloyd to apply congestion surcharge at port of Mersin
2023-07-18Nuovo servizio container intra-Med per One con i porti di Venezia, Trieste e Ancona
2023-07-18MSC Welcomes the World's Largest Container Ship
2023-07-14Ancora in discesa (-3%) i noli container Cina – Italia
2023-07-14Evergreen prepara il sorpasso su Hapag-Lloyd
2023-07-14XENETA: Does the market prepare itself for peak season that never comes?
2023-07-13Piracy attacks on the rise
2023-07-13Hapag-Lloyd increases rates from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh to North and South Europe
2023-07-13Evergreen Marine chairman Chang: No thrid-quarter peak this year
2023-07-11CMA CGM revises congestion surcharge in Algerian ports
2023-07-11FBX Index July 2023: Peak or no peak?
2023-07-11Nuova discesa dei noli container Cina – Italia: ora sotto i 2.000 $
2023-07-11CMA CGM increases FAK rates from India and Pakistan to North Europe and Med
2023-07-11“Opaque” peak season for container shipping
2023-07-11Monthly Ocean Freight Market Pulse Week 26 ’23 | What does import volume show in different regions?
2023-07-11Use of 'smart' containers speeds up as more ocean carriers get onboard
2023-07-11Ocean Freight Market update (by DHL)
2023-07-07CMA CGM sets increased FAK rates from Asia to North Africa and Med
2023-07-07Growing capacity combined with “invisible” peak season weakens container market
2023-07-07Rising capacity concerns amid peak season
2023-07-07OOCL suffers 62 per cent revenue drop in Q2 2023
2023-07-07Carriers run out of niche trades as pressure grows and freight rates tumble
2023-07-05Maersk, CMA CGM increase FAK rates from Asia
2023-07-04Container newbuild avalanche sets new records
2023-07-03Xeneta analysis reveals 50 per cent drop in container rates in 2023
2023-07-03Liner Sector Takes Another Major Hit in June
2023-07-03Global container shipping outlook: pressure mounts amid flood of new capacity
2023-07-03Asian waters see 35% rise in ship robbery during first six months of 2023
2023-07-03Maersk increases rates from Far East to North Europe
2023-07-03CMA CGM implements new surcharge due to Cape Town port congestion
2023-06-30Container: ancora in netto calo a giugno (-9,4%) i livelli dei noli contract
2023-06-30Xeneta: Long-Term Ocean Freight Rates Fall Again, With Almost 50% Drop In Key Pricing Benchmark Across Last Three Months
2023-06-30THE Alliance set to raise capacity on Asia-North Europe service
2023-06-30Focus on blank sailings: Sea-Intelligence sees post-pandemic low levels
2023-06-30CMA CGM updates service connecting Med ports with Turkiye
2023-06-29Container shipping is now “maxed out” claims leading shipping analyst
2023-06-29Peak season rally ‘unsure’ as ex-Asia spot rates fall
2023-06-29New milestone for MSC as it readies to surpass Maersk for owned box tonnage
2023-06-27HMM goes it alone on Asia-Med – 'clearly the strongest trade'
2023-06-26A tale of two trades: Xeneta data reveals differing fortunes for Northern Europe and Mediterranean rates from the Far East
2023-06-26Prende il largo una nuova linea di Grimaldi fra Europa, Australia e Nuova Zelanda
2023-06-22Weekly Container Rate Update Week 25'23 | Premium choice: it pays to understand rates developments on the two main European corridors
2023-06-22Corridoi marittimi container dall’Asia verso Med e Nord Europa: a confronto noli e affidabilità
2023-06-20When not all freight rates have “normalised”
2023-06-19Sempre più giù i noli per il trasporto via mare di container (-5%)
2023-06-19L’esposizione sul mercato dei noli spot affossa i risultati delle compagnie container
2023-06-19Drewry survey: Buyers of spot rates expect increases in July
2023-06-19Xeneta: High flyer comes crashing down, as Indian Subcontinent to US East Coast trade stumbles into ‘peak’ season
2023-06-19In arrivo a Genova un nuovo servizio container di Hmm dall’Asia
2023-06-19Asia-US container rates pull back; USWC ports, dockworkers agree to new deal
2023-06-19A Msc quasi un terzo del traffico container da e per l’Italia nel 2022 (32,5%)
2023-06-14Primo viaggio a metanolo per una nuova portacontainer di Maersk
2023-06-12Akkon Lines ha accorpato la linea container che scala in Italia
2023-06-12Asia-US container rates surge; US West Coast labour dispute intensifies
2023-06-12$5.2 billion in cargo stuck off West Coast ports in truck and container bottleneck
2023-06-12La ro-ro Galata Seaways sequestrata al largo di Napoli
2023-06-12ONE accoglie la prima portacontainer da oltre 24.000 TEUs della sua flotta
2023-06-12MSC seeks 8,000 teu newbuild series
2023-06-12Late peak season on the cards? Some carriers not giving up hope
2023-06-09Msc ha trasferito capacità di stiva dal trade transpacifico verso Asia, Europa e Africa
2023-06-09Incendio sulla portacontainer Msc Rita al porto di Khalifa
2023-06-09North Europe rates still falling, while the transpacific spikes
2023-06-07Container shipping freight rates are too low, says Hapag Lloyd CEO
2023-06-07Cma Cgm crea una divisione per trasporti ro-ro
2023-06-06Container freight rates: 'collapse' is the word, says Xeneta
2023-06-06Si aggrava la crisi dei container alla Spezia
2023-06-06Hapag-Lloyd CEO bullish on prospects for a peak season
2023-06-01Xeneta: Long-Term Ocean Freight Rates Collapse By Almost 30% In A Month As New US Contracts Reflect Market Reality
2023-06-01Box contract rates plunge
2023-05-30Containerships moving at all-time low speeds
2023-05-30Kalypso joins exodus from transatlantic lane as profits sink
2023-05-30ONE joins GSBN blockchain platform
2023-05-29Drewry: World Container Index Down 2% This Week
2023-05-23Container shipping under pressure as peak season hopes dim
2023-05-23Shippers hold back on contracts amid uncertainty and ample capacity
2023-05-22ChatGPT to Disrupt Maritime IT/OT Security
2023-05-22When two tribes go to war
2023-05-22Ageing inventories defeat shipping lines' GRI plans
2023-05-22Over 15,000 ships could be recycled by 2023, up more than 100% on the last 10 years
2023-05-22Global Container Ports Continue To Recover From Pandemic-era Disruptions, Yet More Scope for Efficiency Gains Remain
2023-05-17L’Intelligenza artificiale ‘irrompe’ nel mondo dei trasporti
2023-05-17Portacontainer fluviale elettrica di Cosco
2023-05-17MSC becomes first carrier to have a 5m slot fleet
2023-05-16Cyclone disrupts sea and airport operations in Bangladesh, Myanmar
2023-05-16More liner newcomers quit long-haul box lanes as rates tumble
2023-05-16Torna con una toccata anche ad Ancona il servizio Tmx 3 di Cma Cgm
2023-05-162M Alliance injects additional vessels into Asia – Europe services
2023-05-16Cyclone Mocha forces 60-hour operation closure at Chittagong port
2023-05-08Carriers struggle to hold transpacific GRIs as rates come under pressure
2023-05-08Egyptian ferry operator enters container segment with newbuilding pair
2023-05-08Downward trend for bunker indices continues
2023-05-08Ignazio Messina: “Vi spiego perchè vendiamo ro-ro e compriamo full container. Da Msc non ci separiamo”
2023-05-08MSC unveils new service to connect key ports in China and India
2023-05-08Sospesa da Kalypso Compagnia di Navigazione la linea container Italia – Usa
2023-05-03Cala anche a marzo il cargo aereo italiano
2023-05-03Alliances’ capacity stands at just 39%
2023-05-03Global Freight Monitor: Container freight rates hit a speed bump
2023-05-02Non dura la ripresa dei noli container: -2% per la tratta Shanghai-Genova
2023-05-02Ignazio Messina & C. vende una nave con-ro e acquista due portacontainer
2023-05-02Soft demand pushes ocean spot rates to 'their lowest sustainable level'
2023-05-02CMA CGM announces extra risk coverage surcharge in Sudan
2023-05-02Xeneta: Long-Term Ocean Freight Rates Slump Over 10% In April
2023-05-02Forte calo dei livelli dei contratti trasporto container (-10,6%) ad aprile
2023-05-02Container shipping warning: Green shoots are ‘transitory illusion’
2023-05-02Evergreen lines up multi-billion dollar boxship orders
2023-04-27Weakening market conditions sees a return to pre-pandemic cargo exchange levels
2023-04-27Lufthansa ottiene rinvio sulla trattativa per Ita Airways
2023-04-26As its fleet grows, MSC maps out its post-2M standalone network
2023-04-26Global Orderbook on the Rise After First Quarter
2023-04-26Freight movements halted as conflict in Sudan kills hundreds
2023-04-18Torna a Genova il Dragon di Msc con portacontainer da 11.300 teu
2023-04-18Nascerà una rotta ro-ro tra Damietta e Trieste
2023-04-12Maxi ordine da 3 miliardi $ di Cma Cgm in Cina per 16 maxi portacontainer
2023-04-12OOCL's Q1 numbers show storm clouds gathering over box shipping
2023-04-06Ocean carriers increase schedule reliability, Maersk ahead of competitors
2023-04-06Hapag-Lloyd to launch new service in Latin America
2023-04-06Prosegue il calo del trasporto aereo globale
2023-04-04War in Yemen and risks to shipping
2023-04-04Hapag-Lloyd introduces new West Africa service
2023-04-04Record cuts in container shipping costs in 2023 and what this means for shippers
2023-04-04China’s weekly export container shipping index down
2023-04-04Air France-KLM and CMA CGM officially launch their long-term strategic air cargo partnership
2023-04-04I traghetti Cosco utilizzati dall’esercito cinese per invadere Taiwan?
2023-04-04Livelli dei contratti container 2023 in calo di oltre il 55% sull’anno precedente
2023-03-30World Shipping Council defends vessel-sharing arrangements
2023-03-30Trans-Atlantic container rates still double pre-COVID levels
2023-03-30Container shipping asked to clean up its act in view of upcoming scrapping wave
2023-03-29Yang Ming says shippers taking time to commit to contracts as rates fall
2023-03-29Hapag-Lloyd revises West Africa network
2023-03-29Chinese shipbuilder delivers second MSC mega container ship
2023-03-29Molte navi da 24.000 Teu in consegna ma cresce rapidamente la flotta di portacontainer in disarmo
2023-03-28Bearish container shipping demand hits container prices and leasing rates across Europe
2023-03-28Container: ora le criticità derivano dal surplus di vuoti (ma non a Genova)
2023-03-28Container freight rates expected to stay low as demand could remain subdued until Q3
2023-03-24Nuova generazione di navi feeder Maersk a metanolo
2023-03-24Boxship hits pier in Taiwan’s port with drunk pilot on board
2023-03-24Samskip va incontro al futuro: arrivano le portacontainer a zero emissioni
2023-03-22Maersk Air Cargo unveils Denmark-to-China freighter service
2023-03-22MSC enhaces KIWI service connecting Australia, New Zealand and Thailand
2023-03-22Maersk unveils the design of its first green fuel powered vessel
2023-03-22Maersk launches Europe-China air freight service
2023-03-21Container prices in Asia take a hit in March 2023 on low demand, higher inventory – report
2023-03-21Torgmoll operates new direct container service from China to Russia
2023-03-21Kalypso noleggia un feeder tedesco di nuova costruzione e fa diventare ‘close’ il Far East
2023-03-21Global merchant fleet ageing rapidly
2023-03-21Global tonnages flatten as average rates further soften
2023-03-16ONE orders 10 more boxships
2023-03-1624,346 teu: MSC sets new boxship record
2023-03-16Shipping lines refusing to cut capacity in price war
2023-03-16Shippers put more pressure on ocean carriers for carbon-free services
2023-03-16In mare la prima grande portacontainer del 2023
2023-03-16La compagnia turca Medkon Lines scalerà al porto di Taranto
2023-03-14Carriers should revamp networks rather than blank services as demand drains
2023-03-14Il Canale di Suez celebra un nuovo record: 107 navi in un giorno
2023-03-14Rtc (Gruppo Msc) ferma una nave di Rif Line a Spezia ma quest’ultima giudica l’azione ‘illegittima’
2023-03-14More bad news for carriers hoping rates decline has bottomed-out
2023-03-13MSC receives largest container ship in the world
2023-03-13Hapag-Lloyd has installed monitoring devices in 100,000 reefers
2023-03-13Maersk reintroduces direct bookings to Ukraine
2023-03-13Ocean carriers will use multiple tools to cut slot supply as huge new orderbook threatens overcapacity, says former chairman of Evergreen and Yang Ming
2023-03-10FBX Index Fell 12% During February, Lowest Since August 2020
2023-03-10COSCO proceeds with blockchain-based eBL
2023-03-10Nuova caduta dei noli container Cina – Italia (-8%)
2023-03-09Container shipping market yet to bottom as spot rates keep slipping
2023-02-21Lidl’s box line launches new service from Bangladesh to Europe
2023-02-21MSC announces rate increase from India and Pakistan to European major ports
2023-02-21Cma Cgm condannata per suicidio del comandante Deruy
2023-02-13Two boxships badly damaged in southern Vietnam
2023-02-13Chatbot technology and shipping
2023-02-13Global liners enter familiar price war territory
2023-02-13MSC reintroduces Asia to Mediterranean service
2023-02-13Shanghai Composite Index falls into triple digits
2023-02-07Earthquake rattles Turkish ports
2023-02-07Terremoto ferma il porto turco di Iskenderun
2023-02-07Global carrier pessimisti e quotazioni spot per piccoli spedizionieri da 1.000 dollari a container
2023-02-07Overcapacity could spark new rates war among liners, warns Evergreen chief
2023-02-07Stabili tra i 2.500 e 3.000 dollari i noli container Shanghai – Genova
2023-02-07Container Data points to expectations of demand revival as China reopens and rates stabilize
2023-02-02Thousands of ships set to be hit by India’s age restrictions
2023-02-02Liners now in the red on a mark-to-market basis
2023-02-02ZIM announces new service linking South-East Asia with Australia
2023-02-02Prevista burrasca per compagnie marittime del container
2023-02-01New liner company readies to launch from Florida
2023-02-01In calo del 13,3% a gennaio le tariffe dei contratti di trasporto container
2023-02-01Container: le previsioni a tinte fosche di Xeneta per il 2023
2023-02-01Xeneta: Record-Breaking Fall In Long-Term Rates For Ocean Freight, As Carriers Brace For Stormy 2023
2023-01-31Top 10: The largest container lines in terms of chartered carrying capacity
2023-01-31Boxships crunched in Bangkok fairway
2023-01-30Drewry’s World Container Index drops
2023-01-30Maersk ammaina le bandiere di Hamburg Süd e SeaLand
2023-01-30È arrivata al capolinea la storia ultracentenaria di Hamburg Süd
2023-01-30Maersk to consolidate brands
2023-01-26What next for Maersk, MSC and the other alliances?
2023-01-26MSC, Evergreen head scrubber-fitted fleet ranking
2023-01-26Maersk and MSC to terminate 2M alliance in 2025
2023-01-18More than 50 sailings from Asia to Europe blanked in first seven weeks
2023-01-18Over 2,400kg of cocaine found on MSC boxship after Antwerp false bomb threat
2023-01-18Global Ports reports severe container decline in 2022
2023-01-18FBX Index January: New Year – New Challenges
2023-01-17Chinese New Year fails to bring joy for carriers, as blank sailings soar
2023-01-17Nel 2022 il traffico container nei porti italiani nuovamente intorno a quota 11 milioni di Teu
2023-01-17Retromarcia dei noli container Cina – Italia (-4%)
2023-01-17Secondhand containership prices in free fall
2023-01-17World’s largest cargo ships in 2023
2023-01-12Hapag-Lloyd proceeds with new container transshipment hub in Egypt
2023-01-122M Alliance revises Transatlantic network
2023-01-12NYK trials satellite service operated by Musk’s SpaceX
2023-01-12MSC completes Italian box terminal takeover
2023-01-10Top 10 container lines: How did rankings change during boom?
2023-01-10MSC’s new service to connect India with West Mediterranean
2023-01-10Cargo ship sinks in strong winds in Taiwan, four crew members missing
2023-01-10Shipping lines put growth ambitions on hold and look to defer newbuilds
2023-01-10Container: Xeneta prevede un ulteriore crollo dei noli nel 2023
2023-01-10Rimbalzano i noli container all’inizio del 2023
2023-01-04ONE launches new service in Latin America
2023-01-04ONE launches new service in Latin America
2023-01-04Ad aprile Genova ospiterà la conferenza dell’International Bunker Industry Association
2023-01-04CMA CGM sails into new space
2022-12-19Da Drewry cinque punti da considerare per i contratti di trasporto container
2022-12-19Atlantic spot rates about to collapse: Sea-Intelligence
2022-12-19Ocean carriers plan to blank half their sailings from Asia, post-CNY
2022-12-13Ampio disarmo in vista per le portacontainer dal 2023
2022-12-13Container market collapse sees first ships heading for scrap
2022-12-13Spot rates out of Far East almost 2000 USD cheaper per FEU than long-term rates in dramatic turnaround
2022-12-13MSC investe 1 miliardo per creare un terminal container nel porto di Valencia
2022-12-13Global container volumes fall 9.3% y/y as historic growth cycle ends
2022-12-06CMA CGM revises peak season surcharge from Europe to North America
2022-12-06MSC announces new line connecting India with West Mediterranean
2022-12-06Primo transito nel canale di Suez verso l’Europa per la portacontainer da record
2022-12-05Noli container Cina-Europa scendono sotto i 2000 dollari
2022-12-05Puntualità portacontainer ancora in aumento a ottobre (52%)
2022-12-05Container shipping rates still sinking, no sign yet of market floor
2022-12-05A hard landingamp; as Asia-North Europe freight rates collapse to $1,000 a box
2022-12-02Sea-Intelligence reports increased sailing volatility
2022-12-02Global bunker indices continue firm decline
2022-12-02Finalmente in forte calo anche i contratti di trasporto container (-5,7%)
2022-12-01Maersk Europe Market Update (November 2022)
2022-12-012M split may be on the horizon as tonnage-rich MSC prepares to go it alone
2022-12-01Xeneta: Sharp Decline For Long-Term Ocean Freight Rates Signals “An End To Record-Breaking Quarters” For Carriers
2022-11-29Noleggiata da Kalypso Compagnia di Navigazione una portacontainer da 2.200 Teu
2022-11-29Protests at China lockdowns spread, with supply chains looking vulnerable
2022-11-25Ampio disarmo in vista per le portacontainer dal 2023
2022-11-25Tonnage providers’ fleet shrinks as market turns
2022-11-25Drewry’s WCI retraces 90% of pre-pandemic gains as China-Europe spot prices tumble
2022-11-24Maersk amp;test caseamp; could shift balance of power in container shipping
2022-11-24CMA CGM revises peak season surcharge from Europe to US East Coast
2022-11-21Discesa libera dei noli container marittimi
2022-11-21SHIPPING Podcast: “Da gennaio il trasporto marittimo rallenterà. Quali conseguenze?”
2022-11-21The global shipping industry is facing a new problem — too many containers
2022-11-18Carriers amp;in panic modeamp; as recession bites, offering amp;crazyamp; ocean rates
2022-11-18Xeneta: North Europe to Far East spot rates now below pre-pandemic levels, as backhaul follows fronthaul fall
2022-11-17Global pool of shipping containers to decline for the first time in 14 years
2022-11-17Shippers face a amp;stick or twistamp; contract choice as economies flounder
2022-11-17Low ocean shipping rates here to stay as overcapacity looms
2022-11-14Is it time for container spot rates to arrest their fall?
2022-11-14Is it time for container spot rates to arrest their fall?
2022-11-14Shipping rates are no longer plunging. Is ‘new normal’ near?
2022-11-14Sea-Intelligence reports rapid ramp-up in Transpacific blank sailings
2022-11-10Noli container Cina – Italia sprofondati di un altro -15% nell’ultima settimana
2022-11-10The history of container shipping
2022-11-10SeaLead, OOCL and TS Lines jointly launch East Africa – Asia service
2022-11-10Xeneta and Marine Benchmark partner to launch Carbon Emissions Index (CEI)
2022-11-08Is it time for container spot rates to arrest their fall?
2022-11-08CMA CGM’s Containerships launches new intra-Europe line
2022-11-08Flotta di container in riduzione nel 2023: non accadeva da 14 anni
2022-11-04Nuove toccate in Adriatico per Kalypso
2022-11-04Msc quantifica e rivela il rincaro sui noli atteso con le nuove norme sulle emissioni
2022-11-04Containers: Continued downwards trend
2022-11-02Container, scendono i noli e crescono le rottamazioniContainer, scendono i noli e crescono le rottamazioni
2022-11-02Xeneta Container Rates Alert: Stubborn Long-Term Rates Refuse To Follow In Footsteps Of Huge Spot Declines, But Change Is Coming
2022-11-02Decline in spot freight rates accelerates, reports Shifl
2022-11-02Sea-Intelligence reports slight decline in container lines’ schedule reliability
2022-10-26Here’s how container shipping lines can escape a crash in 2023
2022-10-26What’s Happening in the Container Market?
2022-10-26Cyclone kills 35 in Bangladesh including nine crew members
2022-10-24Cyclone leads to suspension of container operations at Bangladeshi ports
2022-10-24Coefficiente di riempimento in calo sulle portacontainer in servizio tra Asia ed Europa
2022-10-24CMA CGM introduces new US$500/TEU overweight surcharge
2022-10-24Irregular fluctuations in global bunker market to continue
2022-10-24Export markets amp;destabilisedamp; as carriers are forced to amp;undersellamp; capacity
2022-10-21Le portacontainer tornano alla fonda
2022-10-21Non solo blank sailing: contro il crollo dei noli tornano i disarmi delle portacontainer
2022-10-21Noli container ancora giù (-3%), le compagnie mettono a riposo le navi
2022-10-20Ocean carrier voyage blankings causing chaos and confusion for shippers
2022-10-20Inactive boxship levels hit two-year high
2022-10-20ReCAAP ISC reports significant rise in ship robberies in Asian waters
2022-10-20New lockdowns in key Chinese transport hubs hobble supply chains again
2022-10-19Shipping Confidence Drops From Historic Highs
2022-10-17CMA CGM commences new AMERICAS XL service
2022-10-17Sea-Intelligence sees high container capacity reductions
2022-10-17I noli container toccheranno il fondo a metà 2023 secondo Hsbc
2022-10-17Xeneta: The one-sided volatility in spot rates is currently evident on all trades
2022-10-17Box rates slip further on indices for 33rd consecutive week
2022-10-14Fire-struck boxship sinks in the Red Sea
2022-10-14I blank sailing aumentano ma non salvano dal crollo i noli container
2022-10-14Al via la nuova linea container di Kalypso da Italia e Spagna verso New York
2022-10-14Shippers eye Index Linked Container Contracts to obtain better ocean freight rates value
2022-10-14Upcoming renegotiations of Asia-Europe contract rates to signal freight rates trends, said HSBC
2022-10-13Xeneta: Spot Container Shipping Market in Dire Straits
2022-10-13Sea-Intelligence sees high container capacity reductions
2022-10-10Xeneta Customers Say: 76% of Xeneta Customers Want to Procure Freight Using Index-Linked Container Contracts
2022-10-10Shipping traffic halted following Crimea bridge attack
2022-10-10Where’s the floor for container shipping?
2022-10-10Rischio di carenza di portacontainer nel Mediterraneo
2022-10-10Dramatic cuts to services as lines battle to hang onto amp;super-cycleamp; profits
2022-10-10Spot rate carnage could result in more ships laid up, amp;with worse to comeamp;
2022-10-07I noli container Cina – Italia sprofondano sotto i 5.000 dollari
2022-10-07Spot rates collapse continues, as prices fall two thirds since May on main Far East to US West Coast corridor
2022-10-07MABUX reports upward trend in bunker indices
2022-10-07Dalla Cina all’Italia (via Turchia) una nuova linea container di Akkon
2022-10-07Rising costs push up breakeven bar for shipping lines as demand slumps
2022-10-07Mediterranean markets face ‘potential feeder containership shortage’
2022-10-06Sea-Intelligence reports 50% of congestion has been resolved
2022-10-06Dramatic cuts to services as lines battle to hang onto amp;super-cycleamp; profits
2022-10-05Spectre of structural overcapacity looms large over liners
2022-10-05Arriva anche in Italia una nuova linea container di Akkon dall’Asia via Turchia
2022-10-04Primi segnali di calo dei contratti di trasporto container (-1,1% a settembre)
2022-10-04Maersk rallenterà le navi per contenere i costi di carburante
2022-10-04Balzo in alto per la puntualità delle portacontainer (46,2%) ad agosto
2022-10-04CMA CGM launches new early container return incentive programme
2022-10-04GSBN, Hapag-Lloyd complete shipping data sharing pilot
2022-10-04Contaminated fish seems to cause food poisoning tragedy on Cosco bulker
2022-10-04Dopo l’inflazione sarà recessione? I segnali negativi arrivano dal mondo delle navi
2022-10-04Il ‘boom’ dello shipping (di container) è finito secondo Bloomberg
2022-09-30Slump in spot rates to continue
2022-09-30Contratti di trasporto via mare di container: i 4 fattori da considerare per i rinnovi 2023
2022-09-292M Alliance suspends Sequoia/TP3 service due to US West Coast reduced demand
2022-09-29Intra-Asia ocean freight rates on the slide, but still stronger than long-haul lanes
2022-09-28Maersk remains the only investment-grade credit in the container shipping space
2022-09-28Rincari sui noli reefer di Cma Cgm verso il West Africa anche dall’Italia
2022-09-28Kalypso Compagnia di Navigazione mette la prua sugli Stati Uniti
2022-09-27Shippers now have the edge when it comes to contract renewal, says Drewry
2022-09-27Four priorities to consider for successful 2023 ocean bids
2022-09-27World Container Index sinks to January 2021 levels, at 21-month low
2022-09-26Congestion, a big piece of the supply and demand puzzle
2022-09-26Demand, capacity and spot rates slump on key Far East to US West Coast corridor
2022-09-26MSC adds port of Jeddah call to Himalaya Express service
2022-09-26Another week of tumbling spot rates – here come the amp;carrot danglersamp;
2022-09-26Peak season fails to materialise, blank sailings leap
2022-09-22Nuovo crollo dei noli container Cina – Italia: -13% nell’ultima settimana
2022-09-22Fall in container spot rates ‘much steeper,’ ‘less orderly’ than expected
2022-09-22Yang Ming adds new 11,000 TEU container vessel
2022-09-22Wan Hai says it may be open to reducing shipping contract rates, amp;short-termamp;
2022-09-22Shipping: liners swimming in money but supply chains sinking
2022-09-20Liverpool dockers begin two-week strike after rejecting amp;generousamp; pay offer
2022-09-20Strikes in Felixstowe and Liverpool a double whammy to UK’s overstressed Supply Chain
2022-09-19Suez Canal authority to raise transit fees by 15% in 2023 – chairman
2022-09-19‘Hard landing’ forecast for container freight rates
2022-09-19Shanghai and Ningbo ports brace for typhoon Muifa
2022-09-19Major container lines make history with US$41.6 billion earnings in 2022 Q2
2022-09-19Market report: “Container shipping market turns a corner … in lockstep?”
2022-09-16Hapag-Lloyd rileva il 49% del Gruppo Spinelli
2022-09-16Non si ferma il calo dei noli container: -7% per quelli Cina – Italia
2022-09-16Container shipping market turns a corner … in lockstep?
2022-09-16Tregua già finita, nel porto di Livorno riparte lo sciopero
2022-09-14Nuova nave ro-ro in servizio tra Genova e la Libia
2022-09-14Xeneta Raises $80 Million led by Apax Digital
2022-09-13Supply chains show slow progress toward e-document transition
2022-09-13Typhoon Muifa to shut China ports for second time in 10 days
2022-09-13Container market has started on the path to “normalisation”
2022-09-13Container vuoti: ora si rischia l’eccedenza nei porti Usa e in Europa
2022-09-13Shipping rates plunge as experts say ‘unprecedented’ boom has peaked
2022-09-12Turkish roro fired on by Greek coastguard
2022-09-125 challenges facing global supply chains
2022-09-12Genova conquista due nuove linee container: una di Cma Cgm e l’altra di Allseas Shipping
2022-09-12Shipping lines and container owners in the US struggle to return empty containers to China
2022-09-12CMA CGM starts new MEDGULF service to connect West Med with US Gulf and Mexico
2022-09-09Xeneta questions ‘myths’ of heavily declining container volumes and bunker price unrest
2022-09-09Ai blocchi di partenza una nuova linea container tra Italia ed Egitto
2022-09-09In arrivo a Genova un nuovo servizio container dal Far East
2022-09-08Container ship congestion in North Sea increases again: IfW Kiel
2022-09-08Global economy slides into contraction, price pressures ease to 1½ year low
2022-09-08MSC è il primo liner ad adottare il nuovo sistema di DNV contro la caduta dei container
2022-09-08Kalypso (Rif Line) in trattativa per l’acquisto della sua prima nave
2022-09-07Two-tier market emerging as ocean carriers win or lose on spot vs contracts
2022-09-07China-Europe rail rates falling, but port congestion is propping up demand
2022-09-07Il porto di Liverpool si ferma per due settimane
2022-09-07South Korea halts ship refuelling at key ports as typhoon Hinnamor hits
2022-09-06FBX Index: The pace of decline increases
2022-09-06Carriers profiteering from container chaos in flood-wracked Pakistan
2022-09-06Shandong Port Shipping enters international trades with Busan shuttle
2022-09-06Massiveamp; typhoon disrupts ports and airports in Shanghai, Ningbo and Busan
2022-09-05Container Freight Spot Market Continues To Sit Below Contracted Rates
2022-09-05Spot rates comparison on major trade routes
2022-09-05MSC raises box rates from Antwerp
2022-09-05Chinese ports drilled into closed-loop mode amid new Covid outbreaks
2022-09-05End of capacity crunch sees spot freight rates continue to tumble
2022-09-02Lockdowns proliferate across China
2022-09-02Oil tanker blocked Suez Canal for more than five hours
2022-09-02Three dead in container explosion in Italy
2022-09-01CONTAINER RATES ALERT: Long-term shipping rates stand strong, for now, in the face of softening global demand
2022-09-01Tornano i blank sailing fra Asia ed Europa: i global carrier toglieranno oltre l’8% di capacità
2022-09-01Solo due porti italiani nella ‘Top 100’ di Lloyd’s List
2022-09-01Hapag-Lloyd guadagna troppo, lo dice il principale socio
2022-08-31Carriers unveil blanking programmes to prop up rates as peak season sags
2022-08-31Long-term box rates begin to follow the trend set by the spot market
2022-08-31Energia nucleare, un potenziale per la propulsione marittima del futuro
2022-08-31La telematica sale sui container Hapag-Lloyd
2022-08-31CN analysis: Slowing exports send freight rates on major trades out of India further downwards
2022-08-31Schedule reliability on an upward trend, Evergreen climbs to second place
2022-08-30Covid lockdowns return to key Chinese port cities
2022-08-30Maersk esce completamente dal mercato russo cedendo la partecipazione in Global Ports Investments
2022-08-30Saade (Cma Cgm): “Nessun crollo ma un ‘atterraggio morbido’ per i noli container”
2022-08-30Rhine water levels stabilise above crisis levels, problems not over
2022-08-30Lidlamp;s ship-shopping pays off as it completes maiden China-Europe voyage
2022-08-30Primo scalo in Adriatico per una portacontainer di Lidl
2022-08-30MOL Signed for Six Large LNG-fueled Vessels- Steadily Progressing towards ’90 LNG-fueled Vessels by 2030?
2022-08-26Prosegue il calo dei noli sul mercato container
2022-08-26Si allarga il divario di stiva tra piccoli e grandi carrier del trasporto container
2022-08-26La nuova shipping line di Lidl è arrivata in Sud e Nord Europa (saltando l’Italia)
2022-08-24Italia 14esima al mondo per connessioni globali di linee container
2022-08-24Containership 2050: When the box becomes the customer
2022-08-24Congestione (e non carenza di capacità) la causa del livello elevato dei noli container
2022-08-24Congestion and capacity shortage in Europe sees barge surcharges soar 150%
2022-08-22Hapag-Lloyd announces Fleet Upgrade Program for over 150 ships within the next five years
2022-08-22Rhine closes to barge traffic, with water depth set to hit record lows
2022-08-22Average container prices and leasing rates decline in China amidst peak season shipping
2022-08-22Container fleet growth up 11.6% from June 2019, catching up with transport demand
2022-08-22Prosegue il calo dei noli Cina–Italia: quasi 200 $ in meno nell’ultima settimana
2022-08-18Fleet gaps between largest and smallest liner operators at all-time high
2022-08-18Nuovo forte calo del noli container dalla Cina all’Italia (-10%)
2022-08-18Nasce armatore per container da 53 piedi
2022-08-18Why container ships probably won’t get bigger
2022-08-18Shipping container fees are falling around the world, but not in the U.S.
2022-08-18Rhine closes to barge traffic, with water depth set to hit record lows
2022-08-18More blank sailings on the cards as ocean spot rates continue to tumble
2022-07-13China port congestion seen growing on back of local lockdowns and poor weather
2022-07-13Orderbook di navi: le portacontainer surclassano tanker e bulker
2022-07-13Tempo di rinegoziazione per i contratti di trasporto via mare di container?
2022-07-08Carriers holding spot rates steady, but how sustainable are contracts?
2022-07-08Box lines undercut forwardersamp; ocean rates in fear of soft market
2022-07-07Downward pressure on rates: demand or supply driven?
2022-07-07Per Msc un nuovo maxi-hub di transhipment in Vietnam da 15 milioni di Teu
2022-07-07The next step in Hapag-Lloyd and DAL integration
2022-07-07Cma Cgm taglia i noli marittimi per favorire gli importatori francesi
2022-07-04“Schedule reliability remains between 30% and 40%,” reports Sea-intelligence
2022-07-04Boxport congestion spreads across the globe again
2022-07-04Consegnata la prima portacontainer al mondo da oltre 24.000 Teu
2022-07-04Carriers return to aggressive voyage blanking to mitigate reduced demand
2022-07-04Xeneta Customer Say: Over 50% Anticipate a Decrease in Volume Given Current Economic Predictions
2022-07-04Kalypso avvia un nuovo collegamento intra-Med
2022-07-01Container ships still renting for $160,000 a day despite import fears
2022-07-01Xeneta: Long-term shipping rates shrug off uncertainty to rise again
2022-07-01Aumenta la stiva container disponibile globalmente a maggio (+5,2%)
2022-06-30Xeneta Shipping Index (XSI®) Contract Market: June 2022
2022-06-30Sorpresa container: noli spot sulle tratte est-ovest inferiori ai contratti di lungo termine
2022-06-30UWL, Swire Shipping announce new service from Seattle to Vietnam
2022-06-30Maersk launches new feeder service to reduce transit times from Asia to Northern Italy
2022-06-29Box tracking popularity soars – but the big debate is, who owns the data?
2022-06-29Lack of Competition in Container Shipping – A True Picture
2022-06-28Shanghai container handling nearing pre-lockdown levels
2022-06-28Trieste, ecco i nuovi treni di Cosco diretti in Slovenia e nellamp;Est Europa
2022-06-28Ora l’82,5% della capacità container è in mano alle tre alleanze
2022-06-28Smart container fleet to expand 8-fold over the next 5 years
2022-06-28ONE implements weight discrepancy surcharge in Asia-Europe trade
2022-06-22Shipper accuses Yang Ming and HMM of collusion and profiteering
2022-06-21Hapag-Lloyd adds Le Havre port to WAX service rotation
2022-06-20Chinese dominate new entries into the top 50 liner rankings
2022-06-20Il porto di Shanghai è ‘guarito’ dalla congestione, secondo VesselsValue
2022-06-20Xeneta Customers Say: Lifting of Shanghai Lockdowns Will increase Freight Rates
2022-06-20Congestion at Shanghai remains normal, even as much of the city reimposes lockdown
2022-06-20Container: firmata da Joe Biden la legge per ‘frenare’ i global carrier
2022-06-17Biden signs the Ocean Shipping Reform Act into law
2022-06-17Global port congestion, high shipping rates to last into 2023: Industry execs
2022-06-14Alibaba compie un altro passo nel trasporto container
2022-06-13Torna a salire dopo cinque mesi il prezzo dei container
2022-06-13Maersk collegherà Vado Ligure e Port Said con un servizio shuttle
2022-06-13Sono italiani i primi due armatori al mondo per capacità nel settore ro-ro
2022-06-13Bankitalia: sale ancora l’incidenza dei trasporti su import (4,9%) ed export (3,1%)
2022-06-10Wait-and-see as Shanghai back into lockdown
2022-06-10President Biden disparages ocean carriers, calls price increases ‘outrageous’
2022-06-10The Alliance pronta a spostare 200mila Teu da La Spezia a Genova
2022-06-10COSCO SHIPPING SPE. joins blockchain-powered platform GSBN
2022-06-10Nuovo treno merci fra Melzo e la Cina
2022-06-10Alibaba prende il controllo delle spedizioni marittime con noleggi e acquisti di navi
2022-06-10Parts of Shanghai and Beijing go back under lockdown
2022-06-10I dati sono la nuova amp;merceamp; per spingere lo shipping in una nuova era di ottimizzazione
2022-06-10Shippers fear higher freight costs due to carbon tax
2022-06-10Ritardi portacontainer causano danni fino a 10 miliardi di dollari
2022-06-07Container shipping situation worsens due to congestion, delays, and empty containers
2022-06-07Brent climbs over $120/bbl after Saudi Arabia raises crude prices
2022-06-07MSC launches new service on intra-Asia trade
2022-06-07Shanghai Port Congestion Update
2022-06-07Shanghai port congestion nearly back to normal levels
2022-06-06Maersk confirms closure of two Oceania services
2022-06-06Global port congestion shows signs of improvement, still far from normal
2022-06-01North European box ports at capacity even before peak season starts
2022-06-01Contract rates soaring above spot, with shippers being amp;bled dryamp;
2022-06-01CMA CGM to connect Turkey, Spain, France and Algeria with new service
2022-06-01Changes in Hapag Lloyd’s Southeast India – Europe service
2022-06-01Xeneta: Shipping Costs Soar As Long-Term Rates Race 150% Up Year-On-Year
2022-06-01In estate peggiorerà il trasporto marittimo di container
2022-05-27Xeneta: container shipping fuel surcharges have risen 50% since start of year on average – much more on some trades
2022-05-27Sea-Intelligence: Will the peak season come sooner?
2022-05-27Blocked Ukrainian ports cause major congestion in the port of Constanta
2022-05-27What is driving ocean container freight pricing?
2022-05-27Covid slows China port volume growth, as Tianjin enters new lockdown
2022-05-27Per Ravenna e Venezia nuovo servizio container intra-Med di Msc
2022-05-19Xeneta: Long term rates for reefer containers from the US West Coast to the Far East are at their highest ever level
2022-05-19Container xChange survey: Peak season container shipping “chaos” on the way
2022-05-18Container shipping rates: Still sky high but falling back to Earth
2022-05-18Maersk avvia trasporto treno-mare dalla Cina
2022-05-17Shanghai port shows recovery signs after latest pandemic lockdown
2022-05-17Porti europei alle prese ancora con la carenza di container
2022-05-17Has the peak of container shipping’s epic boom already passed?
2022-05-17Busan to create a amp;smartamp; container to ship lithium batteries safely
2022-05-13CMA CGM offers cash incentive for returning containers early
2022-05-13Blank sailings proliferate
2022-05-10Demand for container equipment is falling. Transitory or turning point?
2022-05-10Carriers ramp up blank sailings as China lockdowns persist
2022-05-04Maersk ceases all operations in Russia and Belarus
2022-05-04Container freight rates to remain elevated in medium term: C.H. Robinson
2022-05-04Navi portacontainer un pochino più puntuali nel mese di marzo (35,9%)
2022-05-02Swire Shipping takes over US-based Westwood Shipping Lines
2022-05-02Xeneta CEO, Berglund: “It’s a position of power the carriers have no desire of relinquishing”
2022-05-02CMA CGM launches new service linking Asia with Indian Subcontinent
2022-04-29Port congestion in mainland China continued to remain high with extended lockdown measures
2022-04-29Xeneta Container Rates Alert: Demand, Disruption And Deft Carrier Strategies Fuel New Highs For Long-Term Ocean Freight Rates
2022-04-29Zim avvia una nuova linea container fra l’Egitto e i porti di Venezia e Ravenna
2022-04-29Noli container: la rotta nordeuropea è più economica di quella mediterranea
2022-04-29Qinhuangdao port enters lockdown as Beijing readies stimulus package
2022-04-28Container shipping: volume growth calms, tariffs remain strong
2022-04-28Yang Ming receives another 11,000 TEU vessel
2022-04-28Hapag-Lloyd to equip entire container fleet with real-time tracking devices
2022-04-26Supply chains remain in chaos as Shanghai lockdown is extended indefinitely
2022-04-26Carriers adopt amp;hardcoreamp; blank sailing strategy as export bookings plunge
2022-04-26Port congestion grows as China’s capital braces for Shanghai syndrome
2022-04-21Navi ferme al porto di Shanghai: rischio paralisi mondiale
2022-04-20Msc alza i noli per le spedizioni dai porti liguri agli Stati Uniti
2022-04-20Con il lockdown a Shanghai rischio di nuove criticità e risalita dei noli
2022-04-201 in 5 container vessels globally is waiting outside a congested port -of which 27.7% in China
2022-04-20India resumes shipments to Russia
2022-04-14Lidl acquisisce quattro portacontainer
2022-04-14ZIM to push up rates in North Europe
2022-04-13Worst floods in half a century claim 60 lives and close Durban port
2022-04-13Primo acquisto di portacontainer per Lidl: Tailwind compra la Talassa (5.527 Teu)
2022-04-13Ningbo on “yellow alert” after new Covid-19 outbreak, Shanghai lockdown continues
2022-04-13Hapag-Lloyd starts new service linking Mediterranean and Latin America
2022-04-12MSC launches new service from China to Chittagong
2022-04-12ZIM announces changes in cross Atlantic services
2022-04-12Lines start to omit calls to Shanghai, the world’s largest container port
2022-04-12Nuovi corridoi ferroviari dall’Asia alternativi alla Russia
2022-04-07Shanghai port still working despite lockdown, but lines are eyeing diversions
2022-04-07Anche Lidl diventa armatore
2022-04-07I ritardi delle navi hanno ‘rubato’ l’11,7% di capacità container a febbraio
2022-04-07Xeneta: Spot Rates From Far East to the South American East Coast have had the biggest fall in spot rates since the start of 2022 – down 35.1%
2022-04-072M Alliance adjusts schedules in Far East – Europe/Med network
2022-04-07La Marina sventa assalto di pirati a un cargo nel Golfo di Guinea
2022-04-05ONE works with Google Cloud to develop artificial intelligence solutions
2022-04-04Supply chains remain in chaos as Shanghai lockdown is extended indefinitely
2022-03-31Liner pricing investigation under way in Africa
2022-03-31Shanghai Port Group launches “land-to-water” container service
2022-03-30Shanghai in lockdown: in attesa degli effetti la coda di navi in porto è già alta
2022-03-29Sky-high box freight rates could increase global inflation by 1.5% this year: IMF
2022-03-29Shipping Routes Are Being Redrawn, While Payments Could Soon Be Done in Non-Dollar Currencies
2022-03-29Congestion fears as Shanghai enters two-phase lockdown
2022-03-24Russia’s war against Ukraine reshapes the geopolitical and economic outlook
2022-03-24COSCO continues trading with Russia unlike other major container lines
2022-03-22Chinese port congestion worsens
2022-03-22China is managing its Covid outbreak one new local crisis at a time
2022-03-21“La congestione nel trasporto via mare di container durerà almeno per tutto il 2022”
2022-03-21New Shenzhen lockdown will hit supply chains harder than Suez disruption
2022-03-21Russia blocks ships carrying grain exports
2022-03-17Understanding Ocean Freight - by Transporeon
2022-03-17L’invasione russa in Ucraina e i riflessi sulla logistica italiana
2022-03-17Xeneta: Container Freight Rates on the Far East to the Mediterranean have been flat since the start of this year
2022-03-17NYK Group Companies Participate in Trial to Simulate the Actual Operation of Fully Autonomous Ship
2022-03-17Logistics disruption and ship queues lengthen after new China lockdowns
2022-03-15Transatlantic services hit by Covid and conflict-induced congestion
2022-03-15MSC takes bunker surcharge action
2022-03-15La Cina verso nuove chiusure per Covid
2022-03-14“Eppur si muove!”: la (lenta) discesa dei noli container
2022-03-14Ukraine War Effect on Shipping Rates | Xeneta in the News
2022-03-11Bunker prices hit record high amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
2022-03-11Hapag-Lloyd to acquire container liner business of another Africa specialist
2022-03-11Xeneta: A narrower spread on China to Europe trade lane indicates amble deployed capacity
2022-03-09Cargoes pile up across Europe on day 14 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine
2022-03-09Lo spedizioniere può ritenere il carico per mancato pagamento
2022-03-09Schedule reliability drops to record-low in January 2022
2022-03-09Logistics and supply chain updates from the situation in Ukraine
2022-03-08Bunker prices enter four-digit territory for the first time
2022-03-08War in Ukraine will hurt growth in all shipping segments
2022-03-08CMA CGM reports US$56 billion revenue, achieving 78% increase
2022-03-07Nuova linea container con l’Egitto e mese da record per Trieste
2022-03-07Asian countries cut container trade with Russia amid Ukraine invasion
2022-03-07Suez Canal tolls to rise on 1 March
2022-03-04Sanctions start to wreak havoc on rates, dwell times and fuel prices
2022-03-04Shipping’s Russian Nightmare is Becoming a Reality
2022-03-04Noli container Cina – Italia in calo (-1%) ma sui trasporti Asia – Europa incombe l’ombra della guerra
2022-03-04NATO warns on the risk of mines in the Black Sea
2022-03-04Stop alle prenotazioni di spedizioni con la Russia anche per CMA CGM
2022-03-01Sanzioni Eu e Usa contro la Russia: ecco le misure per i trasporti
2022-03-01Missili ucraini contro due navi cargo russe
2022-03-01Attività commerciale sospesa in tutti i porti ucraini
2022-02-25Shipping navigates the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
2022-02-25Guerra Ucraina – Russia: le conseguenze sui trasporti via mare e sui porti
2022-02-25Ukrainian ports halt operations after Russia’s invasion
2022-02-25Ukraine invasion will impact China-Europe rail freight and push up rates
2022-02-25Boxport congestion worsening rapidly
2022-02-25Shipping braces for impact as Russia-Ukraine crisis intensifies
2022-02-23Freight forwarders turn to SOCs to face global container shortage
2022-02-22Maersk starts intermodal Far East – Europe service
2022-02-22Putin’s invasion of Ukraine seen hiking tonne-mile picture for shipping
2022-02-21Why war in Ukraine could be catastrophic for container shipping
2022-02-21Empty container avalanche predicted to cause chaos later this year
2022-02-18Hapag-Lloyd’s new service to directly connect South China with Germany
2022-02-15Bunker prices near all-time highs
2022-02-15Salpata un’altra linea container diretta Cina – Italia che scalerà il porto di Genova
2022-02-15Hapag Lloyd sees freight pressure easing from Q2
2022-02-15MSC announces rate increases in Europe
2022-02-14Black Sea exports plummet as talk of war escalates
2022-02-14Drewry: World Container Index Remains 80% Higher Than a Year Ago
2022-02-14Marine fuel prices show moderate growth
2022-02-14Russia-Ukraine crisis: International shipping lanes under threat?
2022-02-11E’ nato in Italia driveMybox: la borsa carichi online per l’autotrasporto container
2022-02-10CMA CGM applies new surcharges from Europe to America
2022-02-10Maersk expects supply chain chaos to continue in 2022
2022-02-10MSC imposes rate increases from Italy to America
2022-02-10Maersk amp;cash-and-dashamp; strategy rolls on as it targets 70% contract business
2022-02-09MABUX: Global bunker prices to continue firm downward trend on Feb.09
2022-02-09Giallo sulla Msc Adelaide: un morto e 444 chili di cocaina
2022-02-08Covid-19 emergency in Kaohsiung Port as harbour pilot infected
2022-02-08Global container carriers thrive despite signs of rate decline
2022-02-07Supply chain chaos and port gridlock could drag on into 2023
2022-02-07MSC increases prices to Middle East and Far East
2022-02-01What the Russia-Ukraine standoff means for global shipping
2022-02-01Xeneta Container Rates Alert: Early Dip In Long-Term Ocean Freight Rates Fails To Tarnish Exceptional Year For Carriers
2022-02-01Historic low in container ship schedule reliability
2022-02-01Long-term rate increases losing momentum as carriers seek to lock-in BCOs
2022-01-31Noli container Shanghai – Genova stabili ormai da due mesi
2022-01-31Container shipping crunch sees late delivery of Chinese New Year goods
2022-01-28Treno container tra Suzhou e Milano
2022-01-28Dopo Rif Line salpa un’altra linea container diretta tra Far East e Nord Adriatico
2022-01-28Fuel prices upward trend slows down
2022-01-27Capacity shortage on intra-Asia pushing up rates and manufacturing costs
2022-01-26How Russian invasion of Ukraine could impact ocean shipping
2022-01-25Liner shipping profits tipped to hit $200bn this year
2022-01-24Intra-Asian Spot Rates Contribute to Rising Manufacturing Costs in The Region
2022-01-24Forwarders in the firing line
2022-01-24Dalian the latest China port to be hit by Covid restrictions as delays persist
2022-01-21Yantian restricts container entry to ease overflow
2022-01-21Piccoli spedizionieri contro Maersk: “Usati come tappabuchi”
2022-01-21Noli marittimi: attesi altri rialzi per via del caro-carburante navale
2022-01-21CMA CGM sets Latin America and Caribbean surcharges
2022-01-21MABUX reports firm rise in fuel prices
2022-01-20Forwarders fear amp;shut-outamp; as other major lines emulate Maersk strategy
2022-01-20Maersk vuole imporre lo spot per piccole spedizioni di container
2022-01-20Sperimentata con successo in Giappone la prima nave a guida autonoma
2022-01-20Maersk space ban means amp;a dark futureamp;, maybe the end, for small forwarders
2022-01-20Cma Cgm introduce noli più alti sulle rotte verso il Sud America (anche dall’Italia)
2022-01-18Una portacontainer viaggerà con le vele di Michelin
2022-01-18Shipping container rates from China to US on rise again
2022-01-18Dalian the latest China port to be hit by Covid restrictions as delays persist
2022-01-17DHL Ocean freight market outlook 2022-2024
2022-01-17MF shipping amp; Logistica - La logistica resta in bilico
2022-01-17Xeneta Weekly Rate Update: Week 02, 2022
2022-01-17Suez Canal expansion to be completed by July next year
2022-01-17Omicron cases detected in Shenzhen and Beijing
2022-01-17Container prices rise 10-15% in India as Omicron hits operations at major global ports
2022-01-14Tianjin forced into greater lockdown as Covid-19 cases spread to Shanghai and Dalian
2022-01-14Xeneta: Front- and Backhaul Spot Rates Continue To Diverge
2022-01-13Container: nel 2021 i porti italiani sono arrivati a quota 11 milioni di Teu
2022-01-13Maersk provides a snapshot of growing port congestion around the world
2022-01-12Ikea alza del 9% il prezzo dei prodotti per fare fronte gli extra-costi logistici
2022-01-12Crisi container: il caffè torna a viaggiare in sacchi su navi general cargo
2022-01-12As Ningbo slowly recovers, Covid ripples reach ports of Tianjin and Shenzhen
2022-01-11Maersk - Custom advisory letter about operational constraints
2022-01-10Stick or twistamp; – do shippers play the spot market or go for fixed-rate contracts?
2022-01-10Port of Ningbo open, but logistics services stutter as Covid restrictions bite
2022-01-10Container shipping’s 2022 outlook: The bulls, bears and wild cards
2022-01-10Omicron outbreak sees Tianjin enter partial lockdown
2022-01-07New index highlights the extraordinary pressure global supply chains have been under during the pandemic
2022-01-07Shenzhen on alert as more Covid-19 cases crop up
2022-01-07MSC officially dethrones Maersk from the top of the container rankings
2022-01-07Dal 10 gennaio nuove regole (e tariffe) a Psa Genova Pra’ per risolvere la congestione di container
2022-01-07A lot of boxes: 24,004 teu Ever Alot breaks records
0000-00-00Logistics and Supply Chain Updates during the crisis in the Ukraine
0000-00-00Ukrainian port cities face the brunt of Putin’s invasion forces
0000-00-00Cosco ordina portacontainer elettriche per feeder
0000-00-00È nata una terza linea container diretta fra Cina ed Europa
0000-00-00Nuovo record per i noli delle navi portacontainer
0000-00-00“Spedizionieri destinati a estinguersi se si occupano solo di negoziare i noli”
0000-00-00Spread between short- and long-term container shipping freight rates from North Europe to US East Coast narrow with both increasing around three-fold