Tariff Benchmark

Assessing your logistics spending and benchmarking your rates with comparable best-in-class companies, with the goal to identify margins of improvement

This activity is preliminary for every procurement project and is normally included in our “tender packages”

RFI/ Suppliers pre-selection

Conceptualization and deployment of online questionnaires for suppliers’ panel qualification

Supplier scouting is essential for many transport categories (i.e. FTL) to ensure balancing of flows

The right suppliers’ panel is critical for a successful RFQ

RFQ/ Tender management

Following a structured Request-For-Quotation process is one of the keys to ensure best in class logistics procurement Kelmer has developed its own process based on 20+ years of experience, with some golden rules:

Design a perfect baseline, to ensure best possible understanding of transport profile, analysis reliability and optimal offers comparisons

Timing is critical, pick up the right momentum in order to maximise opportunities and minimize current suppliers threats

Digitalization is a must, all quotes are collected with a web portal and are analyzed with dedicated software

Calculation capabilities must be unlimited, we don't want to lose opportunities

Win-win targets have to be arranged to encourage proactive participation and offer business volume commitments in exchange for commercial efforts


When a big volume of data is involved, you may need a professional support to run your analysis.
Kelmer systems are limitless, we can process millions of data lines, thanks to our own technology. Results are displayed with state of the art online interactive dashboard (BI tools) such as tableau and elasticsearch/kibana

Logistics Contracts Design

Too often shippers are under-estimating the importance of a logistics contract with logistics Providers. It is not only about commercial terms of agreement, but most importantly to protect your company from critical situations. Kelmer has developed state-of-the-art templates for every kind of logistics service, from point to point transport to distribution, from sea freight to parcel, warehousing & handling etc.